Ferdy the Fence
Biographical information

Market Trader




In his office, Stormhold

Cause of Death

Stabbed by Septimus

Portrayed By

Ricky Gervais

Ferdinand the Fence (a.k.a. Ferdy) is a market trader in Stardust. He was portrayed by Ricky Gervais.


Ferdy the Fence is a market trader who sometimes works at the Fairy market. He is a tough negotiator. In a deal with Captain Shakespeare, they argue about the price of a lightning bolt. But Captain Shakespeare wins. He's also friends with Ditchwater Sal and has interest in the fallen star, who is Yvaine. Unknown to Ferdy, she is in that very room at the moment.


Lamia finds him in his office and asks him where Yvaine went. Then she asks him what the chances of finding a Babylon candle are, but he annoys her when he says that it's a small chance she will find one and then he starts talking about another subject. She then hexes his voice so when he talks he only utters strange chickens sounds. She then leaves and takes a yarn wig with her. Septimus and his men later encounter him. But Septimus taking the chicken sounds as mockery stabs him.


Note that he did not exist in the book. He was a new character introduced in the movie.