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Stardust is a fairy tale created by Neil Gaiman and it follows romance and adventures of a young man who vowed to fetch the fallen star and embark on his lover's quest that will carry him over the ancient wall and into a world beyond his wildest imaginings. What he did not expect, however, is there is more than just his Heart's Desire.

This wiki will cover characters and locations from both the book by Neil Gaiman and film adaptation by Matthew Vaughn. To know more about the design of the wiki, click here. Otherwise, enjoy your stay on the Stardust wiki and feel free to add any more informations that could contribute to the wiki as a whole. Please note that the wiki is still in the middle of renovating so it would be easier for users to navigate and obtain informations.

Beware Strangers! As soon as you step into the world of Stardust, there is no going back as there will be spoilers up ahead. This is just a warning.

Catch the fallen star...

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Yvaine is one of the main protagonists of Stardust. In the film adaption, she is portrayed by Claire Danes.

Yvaine is a beautiful young woman who have a high sense of curiosity but is also ill-tempered and have a sharp tongue. She have blue eyes and a hair so fair that it is almost white. She also wear a pale blue dress...


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Did You Know:

  • that the name "Yvaine" is a Scottish word that means "North Star"?
  • that Una got herself impregnated by Dunstan so she would be freed from Madame Seleme, based on the interpretation of Gaiman's writing?
  • that the author, Neil Gaiman, got his inspiration for the book, Stardust, after witnessing a shooting star?

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