Tristan Thorn
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King of Stormhold


Market Town, Stormhold, Faerie

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Charlie Cox

Tristan Thorn is a charming young chap and the protagonist in Stardust. In the film adaption he was portrayed by Charlie Cox. He became king of Stormhold by restoring the Royal Ruby

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

"I'm a princess, tricked into being a witch's slave. Will you liberate me?"

Tristan was conceived when young Dunstan Thorne crossed the wall dividing England from the lands of Faerie. There, he found himself in Market Town, where his eye was caught by a Slave Girl, who sold him a glass flower before telling him that she is a princess, forced to work for Ditchwater Sal, an old witch. Dunstan was unable to cut her bonds, but was taken into Sal's cart, where he made love to her and Tristan was conceived.

Unaware of this, Dunstan was throughly surprised when the Wall Guard brought him a baby in a wicker basket, which contained a package for the child, as well as a note naming him Tristan. Dunstan then brought the child in to Wall.

The Quest BeginsEdit

Many years later, Tristan (like most of the young men in the village) sought the hand of the beautiful Victoria Forrester, who much preferred the aristocratic Humphrey, to the awkward young Tristan.

After abandoning his post at Mr. Monday's grocers, Tristan was fired and used all of his savings to buy an expensive picnic, and the two sat watching the stars. Attempting to win Victoria's affection, Tristan claimed that he would bring her back a shooting star that they witnessed fall as a birthday present. He had to hurry however, as Humphrey was also off to fetch Victoria a present, a wedding ring.

Tristan attempted to cross the wall without success, until his father revealed the truth about his son's heritage, as well as giving him the letter from his mother, which contained a Babylon Candle, used to travel long distances. Tristan closed his eyes, and thought of his mother.

Tristan and YvaineEdit

However, Tristan allowed his mind to be filled with thoughts of Victoria, and he arrived in a large crater, knocking down a startled and injured woman called Yvaine. He soon discovers that Yvaine was the shooting star in human form who was knocked from the heavens by a necklace. Tristan takes her captive, planning to present her to Victoria, promising that he will let her use the rest of the Babylon Candle to return home.

Yvaine escaped Tristan's clutches and flees. Tristan is guided by voices from the heavens, and encounters Primus, one of the two remaining heirs of Stormhold, who gives Tristan a lift as they stop at the nearest inn.

Battle at the InnEdit

Tristan arrived to find that the innkeeper is in fact, one of the Lillim, the evil witch Lamia, who has been planning to take Yvaine back to her lair, where the Lillim will eat her heart, making them youthful again. Tristan and Yvaine escape by using the Babylon Candle, leaving behind a furious Lamia and the corpse of Primus, who had his throat cut by Lamia.

The Sky ShipEdit

Unfortunately, as both Yvaine and Tristan thought of home, instead of ending up at Wall or at the sky, they ended up stranded on a cloud. Here, they were picked up in the nets of a sky vessel catching lightning, commanded by the formidable Captain Shakespeare, who threw them both in the brig.

After having a heart-to-heart with Yvaine, Tristan appeared to be thrown from the vessel after mentioning that he was from England. However, Shakespeare had merely placed his clothes on a mannequin and ejected it from the hatches.

The Captain revealed himself to be an amiable crossdresser, who abhorred violence, yet was determined to uphold his reputation. He presented Tristan as his nephew 'the fearsome buccaneer' and taught him how to fence and steer the ship as well as, more surprisingly, how to waltz with Yvaine. When they reached land, Shakespeare gave Tristan a barrel of lightning, and some secret advice.

Tristan and Yvaine then went on their way towards Wall.

Falling in LoveEdit

As they made their way towards Wall, Tristan and Yvaine hitched a lift with Ditchwater Sal, who noticed that Tristan held the flower that had disappeared from her shop many years ago. Turning him into a mouse for spite, she took him and Yvaine to Wall. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Lamia had previously hexed Sal, who was unable to see or hear Yvaine.

During the journey, Yvaine confessed that she had fallen in love with Tristan, who seemed not to respond. When the two reached Market Town and Tristan was returned to human form, he revealed that he had heard everything, and that he loved Yvaine in return.


Still determined to fulfill his promise to Victoria, Tristan left the sleeping Yvaine, taking with him a few locks of her hair and a note with the innkeeper. Unfortunately, Yvaine misunderstood, and dejectedly made her way towards Wall.

Tristan gave Victoria his prize, yet he spurned her advances and returned to Yvaine. However, he noticed that the locks of hair had become a few lumps of stardust, and realised that Yvaine would die if she crossed the wall. Racing back, Tristan returned in time to witness Lamia kill Ditchwater Sal and flee with Yvaine back to her fortress. Tristan followed, where he made an uneasy alliance with Prince Septimus, and was reunited with his long lost mother.
Stardust Powerful Witch Lamia - Tristan (XXL) Wallpaper JxHy

Tristan fighting with Lamia

Septimus and Tristan managed to kill Empusa and Mormo (two of the Lillim), yet Septimus died and was reanimated to fight Tristan and Pyrus. Tristan defeated the undead Prince, and Yvaine managed to incinerate Lamia with a flash of blinding energy. Tristan's mother revealed that she was Una, daughter of Stormhold, and that Tristan was now King of Stormhold.

The EndEdit

"They ruled for 80 years. But no man can live forever, unless he who possesses the heart of a star, and Yvaine gave him hers entirely. "
―The Narrator[src]After being crowned the 82nd King, Tristan lived and reigned for many years, maintained by the power of Yvaine's heart. Tristan.

After 80 years on the throne, the two lit a Babylon Candle and ascended into the heaven to become twin stars.